See Your Ministry Grow

Through our program we’ll help you…

  • Transform passive donors into true partners.
  • Develop advocates who tell their friends about you.
  • Increase the long term value of each donor relationship.
  • Generate growing, predictable and sustainable income.


Some Rescue Missions question how much of their spiritual ministry they should include in their donor communications.

Perhaps that’s because speaking of Jesus stirs the heart and offense can be taken. Besides, some say, donors look to Missions primarily to feed and shelter the homeless. The spiritual mission is not in donor’s minds and for safety sake it is best left out or mentioned in passing.

But, in truth, you share the love of God in every meal and bed offered. You open your doors each day because God loves you and welcomes broken people.

Your guests change when they know you love them and discover God loves them too. God is the energy, cause and joy of your Mission. If you leave that love message out of your donor communications you have left out the soul and passion of your cause.

Donors want to see how God moves at your Mission. These stories can build up your donor’s own faith. Every message you send can show and share the love of Christ and encourage your donor.

And when you win the donor’s heart you win their loyalty.