A Plan to Grow Your Mission by Attracting New Donors

Your future donors are out there. But they’re not going to track you down. Our job as your marketing agency is to identify your future donors and persuade them to join you.

We’ll present you with a marketing plan using an appropriate mix of media for your budget. We’ll build your campaign around a single, memorable theme. We’ll present you to the right people with a message that engages them into action.


Direct Mail is still the backbone of most campaigns that generate response.  Even in the internet age, the majority of new donors come through the mail.  Response increases when Direct Mail has the support of other media outlets. They build on each other and gain momentum to increase campaign awareness and donor action.


Most potential donors will research you before they give.  Your website presents your Mission and the campaign theme to visitors, invites them to watch heart-warming stories and leads them to a giving decision.

laptop-sxc-73041_69451ONLINE ADVERTISING

Ads and messages placed on targeted websites, blogs and social media draw potential donors to your website.


Billboards, posters, take-ones, gas pump toppers, and movie theater ads increase public awareness and improve direct response media results.

youtube-sxc-73041_69451ONLINE VIDEO

Vividly illustrate your Mission’s stories and share them with the general public through online videos.  Create an online channel to showcase all your videos to your community and beyond.


Invite prospects to engage with your Mission anywhere and at anytime on their smartphone. They can view your videos and donate as well.


Quickly inform and involve donors with news, urgent needs and events.  Follow up a mail appeal and see increased income.  Attach a video and show your donor real life stories and events from the Mission.


Media exposure creates public awareness and supports your marketing campaign.  A radiothon on a well chosen station can acquire new donors at a net profit and increase the results of other media.

Newspaper Inserts

Many of those who still subscribe to newspapers are in favorable demographic groups.  Inserts can be highly profitable.

SOCIAL MEDIAsocial-media2-300x213

Use social media to support your campaign and reinforce your message.  Get your “fans”  interacting with your Mission in real time.  We’ll show you how.

Collateral Materials

Handouts for Churches, Posters, Signage, T-shirts, Gifts for donors. All the little things that add up to big impact for your campaign.


pressrelease-sxc-73041_69451Press Releases

The news media are always looking for stories. You offer a window to life on the street and the issues of poverty. Offering your stories and authoritative comments for publicity is a win-win relationship. Many of those who still subscribe to newspapers are in favorable demographic groups. When you are known, inserts become a profitable addition to the campaign.


The Proven Donor Acquisition Plan that keeps improving


Sixteen years in the making and still improving, the MDM Donor Acquisition Plan continues to add new donors to Rescue Missions across the country. On-going testing, evaluation and revisions improve the approach even as the economy changes.

A Proven Strategy

Target the Right People

Few organizations can afford to approach everyone.  But ranking the prospects by their potential return allows you to reach the best first.   As your marketing funds increase you can reach deeper into the market, using additional media to reach a wider spectrum of potential donors.

Use a Compelling Message.

One strong message can yield five times the results of another.  When your personality, your Mission and your integrity come together in a passionate message you win the trust and support of people in your community.

Build a Coordinated Multi-Media Marketing Plan

Public awareness of your Mission grows and results improve as you reach people in a variety of ways.